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This app uses purely the SSM protocol to gather data, which is faster and more comprehensive than the more common ELM327-based solutions. Separate adapter required - see below.Currently supports the Subaru models below. Please visit for latest info to see if your vehicle is supported.
05-09 Legacy / Liberty GT (LGT), 02-14 WRX, 04-14 STi, 04-09 Forester XT (FXT), 05-09 Outback XT (OBXT)
Designed for proprietary BtSsm Bluetooth adapter that plugs into your car's OBD2 port. Please visit for more info/purchase.
Alternately, a wired approach may be used with a user-supplied VAG-COM/KKL cable or Tactrix OP 2.0 cable. Either wired solution will require an inexpensive OTG/USB adapter for your Android device.
This app will allow you to use your phone/tablet to view data from your car's ECU- Shows realtime data with gauges- Records log files- Graphs log files- Shows dyno chart estimation with horsepower and torque plots- Displays Learned Values- Captures data snapshot if knock event occurs- Supports user-defined alerts- Supports custom fields- Captures elapsed time for 0-60mph and 0-100kmh- Shows trouble codes- and more!